Stay positive: An uplifting, and funny, piece of wisdom related to snow

I am there all the time, even in the winter season!

Bambi would like to thank Roula Azar-Douglas for this funny, yet powerful, tweet:

We may love snow or we may dislike it. Who knows? We may genuinely enjoy cleaning our car, even on a windy morning; yes, even in -20 degrees Celsius. In contrast, we may hate both the cold and snow. We may start the winter season with patience and a welcoming attitude. However, we may get sick and tired of the long snow season.

Regardless of all the above, in our daily lives and in the bigger scheme of things, our attitude is our biggest asset: it can make the entire difference between thriving and fading like a flower. But how do we chose an optimistic outlook when facing adversity or daily hassles, which could be snow for some of us? How can we develop a positive attitude in life? How do we stay positive? How do we keep enjoying all the seasons and their products, including snow? How do we make the best out of every challenging encounter or life circumstance?

So many questions, but the answer lies within each one of us in a unique way. We learn to find our ways in life, in every season whether tough or tender. Some of us may lose and then find their strike force. Some may reconnect with their inner child with a sense of playfulness (with snow or with anything else) and hopefully with humour. Some may fantasize about trips in warmer places or actually take a break from winter, if they can afford time and money. Some may be more patient, knowing that spring and summer will always follow the winter. Some may sing for the snow, as per the melodies below in several languages.

Whatever your own coping strategy, Bambi wishes you safety on the roads and gratitude in your heart!

4 thoughts on “Stay positive: An uplifting, and funny, piece of wisdom related to snow”

  1. Nice and relevant tweet indeed from Roula . Well tweeted ?
    It is all about the state of your mind and how you decide adapting to winter & snow.

    1. Adaptation is a key word, thanks Rony. Nice little tiny duck or is it a “sous” :)? Bambi means a chick or a poussin. Of course because of the tweet!

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