“Gelukkige verjaardag” [Happy Birthday] to Bente!

Happy Birthday, Bente, from Bambi, her spouse, and their/”your” entire family in Beirut, Montreal, Dubai, Paris, and London!

Bambi loves you and misses you a lot ❤️ (along with your/”our” dear family)! She wishes you a wonderful new year filled with beautiful discoveries, exciting projects, and continues successes!

To make you smile, Bambi silently sends daily “Greetings from the Netherlands” at her workplace [hint: coronavirus] :).

To conclude, and for fun, here are a few songs for you, hoping you will enjoy them :).

2 thoughts on ““Gelukkige verjaardag” [Happy Birthday] to Bente!”

  1. This is so kind of you dear Bambi!! ❤
    I am sure that une belle histoire is one of her favourites! (It is one of my favourites too haha, especially this edition!)
    We miss you too and thinking of you so very often!! ?

    1. Oh– Bambi is so moved by your lovely comment, Salome. She also misses you too big time ❤️! Yes, “Une belle histoire” is one her favourites for sure. Bambi got this song in both Dutch and French on her phone, thanks to Bente. So, it used to play while driving; Bente used to sing it! Now, Bambi is happy to know that you also like it! If she recalls well, Bente also liked the melody of the last song, which is a tribute to Beirut post-explosion. By the way, Bambi loves the Dutch Happy Birthday song so much :). “Dank u well” and have a lovely day. Remember to take care.

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