“Windmills of your mind”: Isn’t this song beautiful, regardless of its language?

Bambi woke up today with the Arabic version of the “Windmills of your mind” on her mind. She kept singing it through the day… at least thus far.

Out of compassion for your ears, she will spare you her own frog’s singing. She will instead share different versions of this famous song by some inspiring international artists, including two from Canada.

If you have the time to listen to these melodies, she hopes you will enjoy them!

First, let’s start with the great Arabic version of Ms. Hiba Tawaji, followed by Mr. Mark Hatem’s moving interpretation. This Lebanese song is entitled “La bidayi wla nihayi“, which means “No beginning and no end“.

Then it is time for the beautiful English original version with Mr. Omar Kamal who is known worldwide as the “Frank Sinatra of Palestine“. Indeed, what a charming voice!

The English will be followed by the wonderful French, which is the other original version by Mr. Michel Legrand. The song is entitled “Les moulins de mon coeur“. Bravo to Ms. Marie-Denise Pelletier and Mr. Daniel Lavoie!

Last but not least, this post will end with a lovely German version of the “Windmills of your mind“. It is entitled “Windmühlen” by Mr. Ziganando. Thank you and bravo too!

6 thoughts on ““Windmills of your mind”: Isn’t this song beautiful, regardless of its language?”

  1. Thank you Bambi for suggesting this song. I looked up the original song on YouTube and listening to it now, am very pleased to discover it is *the* song I have been searching for nearly twenty years! My search began years ago when watching late night television, I saw New Brunswick’s own Donald Sutherland in a movie from 1968. I thought the theme song was so beautiful and the lyric ‘Why did summer go so quickly, was it something that you said?’ really touched me and I found it so poetic.

    I set out to learn the title so I could hear the whole song one more time. Alas, there is no more ‘TV Guide’ in my home and I was just channel surfing so I didn’t know the movie’s title to look up. No problem, I thought, just look in IMDB.com, they have every title. Damn, Sutherland made an awful lot of movies in that era and searching for the theme song of each movie gave nothing at all.

    Until today and your article. Now I can report the original song is by Noel Harrison and here’s the video for us all to enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEhS9Y9HYjU

    1. What a wonderful coincidence! Bambi thanks you, Fred, for sharing the information about the movie. How cool that Mr. Sutherland is from our own NB. Thank you also for the link to the song. What an amazing interpretation!

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