Beirut blast: Are Hezbollah and Israel responsible? Do both share the same interest of hiding the truth, along with a complicit international community?

Bambi returned from Beirut with a heavy heart. The collective trauma of the surrealistic Beirut port double explosion is still VERY vivid in everyone’s spirit two years after the doomed August 4, 2020.

Indeed, all Bambi’s loved ones talked about the explosion and shared with her what happened to them then. Not only family members and childhood friends, but also store owners and neighbours of her parents and individuals from other neighbourhoods. Sometimes, there was no need for words, just the deeply sad look in people’s eyes, despite their kind smiles, was enough for Bambi to understand the extent of the collective trauma.

Bambi was particularly moved by the story of how her parents survived, even if their apartment was BADLY hit. Same for her dad’s store and even a warehouse located deep under a building. She was moved by a senior man who shared how his neighbour lost her life in front of his eyes. What also “killed” her (meaning moved her soul) was a beautiful, giant picture of a young mother who died in her car while her young kids survived.

In addition, what can Bambi say about her childhood friend, or sister she feels like saying, Maya (who will likely read this post)? She still has vivid memories of her friend’s ordeal stories. They seemed straight out of a horror movie. Yes, stories of survival and fight for life. Also stories of heroism and human generosity. This being said, Bambi cannot help not to also remember those pictures she saw of her friend’s injury on her phone, from surgery to surgery. If the injury she saw was THAT serious, you can imagine how the earlier pictures looked. Highly disturbing.

Maya also shared the story of many other citizens who are still in the coma. Indeed, her BIG heart keeps praying for them. One of these citizens is a mother who woke up loosing her sight. Can you imagine? As a reminder, many kids and adults lost an eye. Some almost did (Bambi’s brother-in-law).

Listening to these stories while sitting on the balcony facing Beirut port (on fire back then) felt surreal. At one point Bambi and her friend saw odd lights in the dark sky of the Lebanese capital (no it was not Mr. Elon Musk’s satellite/rocket that scared Beirutis a few days later, The spontaneous reaction at the time was to close the curtains and then to smile, and even laugh, to the gesture :). Seriously, if this reaction was not trauma-related, what was it then?

Anyhow, Bambi returned home to her parents’ place on that night with a heavy AND angry heart, yet a grateful one (she loves you Maya!). Although usually polite, Bambi expressed her anger in a couple of bad words toward those responsible for this criminal negligence (or crime?) against all these innocent people. Of note, she returned home walking in the complete darkness because of the destroyed power infrastructure in Lebanon. Yes years of mismanagement (and likely corruption) that culminated with the blast after-effects. Today, we are talking about power coming from the government sometimes for just less than 30 minutes to one hour per day. Can you imagine?

Now, to link the stories above, to the title of this post, EVERY single person Bambi spoke with in Beirut mentioned airplanes before the explosion. Not tourist airplanes, of course. Military ones, they meant. They all heard them. They all thought of Israeli raids. Many also suspected an earthquake. In addition, and of note, everyone knows who was in charge of the port part that exploded. Who usually knows about every detail happening there? Yes, Bambi will name the Hezbollah. Given all this, her hypothesis about the blast now looks more like this: Both Israel and the Hezbollah may have a role in this tragedy (of course, there are also the disgusting Lebanese politicians who knew about the ammonium nitrate without doing anything to protect citizens). Bambi has written in an earlier post from 2020 that it is strange how neither the Hezbollah nor Israel blamed each other. The former usually does not miss any opportunity to tell us that everything in life is the fault of the “Zionist entity”. Why has it been silent for two years now? In turn, Israel usually also publicly endorse its military acts or present facts about enemies. Why are they silent now?

Please make no mistake, Bambi is NOT saying that the Hezbollah enjoyed the suffering of Beirutis. She is not saying this. Perhaps they were much taken by the games of hidden wars that they lost track of the reality of humanity? Perhaps it was a strategy saying no one will dare touching this highly dangerous material? Perhaps they forgot about it during the pandemic, who knows? Or maybe it was thought like a protective layer for own interests, real weapons or other products? Could it be?

As far as Israel is concerned, it is also very likely that its army also did not realize what was stored at the port or the extent of damage from it. Had they known it would cause a human and city disaster like that, they may have not touched the port in any way if they actually did so. So, once again, make no mistake as just like for the Hezbollah, Bambi is NOT saying that Israel enjoyed the suffering of innocent people. At first, two years ago, Bambi has once written that i is possible that the Israeli presence in the Lebanese skies at the time of the blast may have been a coincidence. After all, Israel always invites itself into it, to spy on the Hezbollah or on its way to military strike missions in Syria. But why is Israel silent too? Isn’t this apparent code of silence protective of its overlapping interest with the Hezbollah? Does hiding the truth serve both interests or is Bambi’s hypothesis wrong?

And what about the European and international leaders? Why have they ALL been silent? As one friend reminded Bambi lately, only one politician said something back then. It was Mr. Trump who mentioned a possible attack only to fast retract himself after or the American or international media not endorsing what he said (

Of course, Mr Macron rushed to Beirut to support citizens before/instead of their own politicians. Yes, Bambi expressed her gratitude and she will keep saying bravo for his humanity. However, why is he silent as well? Does he and do they all share the same interest of hiding the truth? Is this related to Iran? Or to Israel or both? Or just their own countries’ interests?

Last but not least, since yesterday morning, Bambi’s cousin and sister both shared the following petition, started by families of the victims of the Beirut blast. It is asking for an international investigation She will share it below in case you want to sign it. However, without wanting to become cynical, Bambi will do so, even if she does not believe in international investigations anymore, whether by the UN or by any other agency. If you do not believe her, you may wish to read her earlier posts about this topic and the ridiculously shy and not applicable outcome of the UN investigation concerning Mr. Hariri’s assassination, along with innocent Beirutis. Everyone knows who is behind this crime. No one was held accountable. No one has ever been for other assassinations of intellectuals. Perhaps the latest one being the inspiring Mr. Lokman Slim.

To conclude this post, only one melody comes to Bambi’s mind now. It is Mr. Ghassan Rahbani’s MOVING song after the Beirut blast (posted for the second time on this blog). It is subtitled in English. Healing, justice, love, safety, and peace to Beirut!

4 thoughts on “Beirut blast: Are Hezbollah and Israel responsible? Do both share the same interest of hiding the truth, along with a complicit international community?”

  1. Am soo touched by your above article which subject is so important to me!!!
    It was indeed a very special and memorable evening with you with all our stories, the good and the bad ones, the happy and sad ones. Love you my dearest friend and sister and thank you for your continuous support, love and care ❤️❤️❤️
    May the truth be known some day soon so that the victims can Rest In Peace and the families can continue their life ??

    1. Maya, Bambi’s habibi, thank you for your beautiful comment!! Much love back to you ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you for this unforgettable eve! Bambi is proud of you, as you know, and she joins her prayer/wishes to yours (so well said!!): “May the truth be known some day soon so that the victims can Rest In Peace and the families can continue their life”.

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