961: “Minions: The Rise Of Gru Is Banned In Lebanon”

The average Lebanese citizen does not earn enough money and/or have access to his/her savings in banks (since October 17, 2019) to go to the movies to watch the latest Minions movie playing right now around the world, including NB (https://www.imdb.com/showtimes/cinema/CA/ci49442774/CA/E4P) and Amherst, NS (https://www.tribute.ca/showtimes/movie/sackville/minions-the-rise-of-gru/148580/).

Despite this, and instead of putting their energy to reform or form a new government post-elections, Lebanese authorities are once again busy taking decisions to censor movies, as reported by the 961.

Indeed, and always according to 961, ” aside from China, Lebanon will be the only other country that has decided to ban the Minions“. What is the reason behind this decision and does it really matter? Today, as some have speculated, this ban may be due either to a kiss between two minions or to an armed nun-looking creature. The latter remain non-confirmed hypotheses as no official reason has been stated (https://www.beirut.com/l/63833). Tomorrow, the ban would be due to what? Indeed, a few weeks ago, another ban was because of a kiss between two women, as shown in an earlier post at the end of this post.

Regardless of the “reason”, and with all due respect to everyone in life, Bambi does not endorse censorship by any entity (e.g., governments, religions, pressure groups, etc.), especially when it comes to arts. How can creativity thrive when artists start walking on eggshells, or literally self-censor the expression of their creativity or thoughts?

How can we still call a society an aspiring democracy when it resorts to authoritarian bans like that? Who has not been offended by anything in life? Who has not offended anyone by expressing one’s creativity or opinion at a particular point in time? So why this urge of overcontrol without any respect for the consumers’ intelligence or critical sense? Plus, why can’t owners of movie theatres in Lebanon, China, or anywhere else, benefit from the success of this or that production like their peers around the world?

To conclude this post, perhaps you do not care at all about the Minions or feel indifferent to censorship. Maybe you even endorse it or perhaps benefit from it? Regardless, please just remember that today it is about those yellow creatures with eyeglasses. Tomorrow the target or the decision-makers in power would be different. Yet the principle of suppression of freedom of expression would operate in the same manner. Slowly but surely, from ban to ban, the right to freedom of expression will be increasingly eroded… for all. Is this the country you want for yourself or you want your children to grow up in?

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