Canada Day: Do you usually change the name of your loved ones on their birthdays?

If your answer to the question in the title of this post is NO, why are you doing it to your (and our) own country then?

Are your loved ones (or you?) perfect? Of course not. No one is in life. So is Canada. Does the latter deserve to be celebrated on July 1, despite its imperfect past or even present. Of course it does!

Indeed, exactly like every year for the past 32 years, Bambi is eager to celebrate Québec on June 24 and Canada on July 1 on her blog!

She is just fascinated now by how all the titles of our mainstream media are the same in both English and French, telling us about Canadians’ mixed feelings: Some wanting to change the name to “a New Day“, as has just been done in Winnipeg, and others disappointed:

A couple of years ago, they told us we must cancel Canada Day because of BLM, etc.

Then, they told us it was to be “inclusive“, that is to all the so-called diversity from immigrants to Indigenous people (with Canada’s flags still lowered since the heart-breaking “mass graves” of last year).

Has anyone asked immigrants what they think of all this?

Does anyone care about the thoughts of Indigenous fellows who love Canada like the great Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould?

So far, and to Bambi’s best knowledge, whether we like him or not, there seems to be one decent federal politician who clearly and promptly denounced cancelling Canada Day. Yes, you can guess that it is Mr. Maxime Bernier. Thanks to him. Will other politicians dare to do the same? Or will they be afraid of being called “racist” or “white supremacist” or “proponents of colonization”, etc.?

Our collectively insane times (of political correctness) are absurd: Imagine that we have to be “daring” now to express our (healthy) love for our country, even if it is only on one single day per year. Do you find the latter sad, like Bambi?

3 thoughts on “Canada Day: Do you usually change the name of your loved ones on their birthdays?”

  1. And no fireworks here either—Canada Day celebrations – like the old ensign flag replaced by the maple leaf flag for reasons unclear to many – are going to become a thing of the past because the corporation of Canada is reinventing itself right– and it was Trudeau’s exclamation that we are a ‘post national state’ that should have made people aware of the progressive agenda all those years ago — can you believe its been seven years since he came to power as leader of this amazing land mass I call now “One Big Unhappy Family on Snapping Turtle Island” — these thoughts are mine of course, they’re original, but they get to the heart of the matter of how divided and demoralized my fellow countrymen and countrywomen are by the ‘progressive’ agenda at work – strive to be happy as it is still a beautiful life here and we are welcome to celebrate that reality every single day in our own unique ways — such as promoting freedom of expression as you do so beautifully at your blog! Unlike the two term presidency limit in America [which meant Trump could only annoy people for 8 years] Canada does not have such a thing and like his father before him in the 1980s with the double digit mortgage rates that saw people losing their homes and wealth we are witnessing another era of wealth stripping which is very unfortunate but their Agenda does march on regardless of how we feel – to quote my friend and adopted brother in the UK Greg Hallett from his book “Stalin’s British Training” in 2007 “Ideology is for wankers its the Agenda that counts” — and so it goes [as Kurt Vonnegurt would say]

  2. I agree with Bambi and it was especially difficult in 2017 listening to flunkies from Ontario’s high school system claiming they don’t know what we’re celebrating after 150 years.

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