Good-bye to Mr. George Haddad who died two years after the surrealistic, and still unaccountable, Beirut port explosion

The picture of Mr. George Haddad was taken from Microphone.
May his memory be eternal.

Mr. George Haddad became invalid due to his injuries after the Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020.

Below you can find a 961 article in English and a l’Orient Le Jour article in French about his story:

Not only this human-made tragedy is still (and will likely remain) unaccountable, MPs charged over the Beirut blast have been re-elected ( Can you imagine?

Bambi will stop any comment here as this post is strictly meant to honour the memory of Mr. George Haddad. May God know how to comfort his family and help his country. If she may, she would like to pay tribute to Mr. Haddad, and indirectly also to his country, with an Arabic prayer she loves dearly. It comes from the Maronite, or Catholic, Christian worship or liturgy…

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