Aren’t you fed up of wars, like Bambi?

Armenia and Azerbaijan (earlier).

Russia and Ukraine (ongoing tragedy).

Israel and Iran (forthcoming drill).

China and Taiwan (imminent?).

What is next?

2 thoughts on “Aren’t you fed up of wars, like Bambi?”

  1. YES! Libya was the absolutely tipping point for me.. as we all were watching in horror while the forces of NATO destroyed a thriving African nation… it was like a horror show that I never got over. All that chaos.
    Peace would be nice but I don’t think that is on their agenda my friend. There is a reason they call it a military industrial complex, right? Please continue to speak out on the ‘wars’ waged upon us all, including those psychological wars which I know you understand perhaps better than anyone else in this town. You are a beacon of humanity in Sackville NB.
    Have a wonderful day xo

    1. Thank you Sally for your comment about peace in our world.
      Bambi will always remain grateful for your own humanity with her. Indeed, she appreciates your kind words now. Have a beautiful day too… and please accept this flower of gratitude from Bambi ?.

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