Mr. Roberto Helou: “I survived Beirut’s explosion. Here’s what I saw…”

Bambi just discovered this INSPIRING VIDEO from September 11, 2020… worth watching until its very end, especially with its wise concluding words. Of course, you have to have the courage to watch it. Indeed, Mr. Helou’s documentary shows us the incredible adversity Beirut’s residents went through on August 4, 2020 following the surrealistic explosion of their port.

Although this 18-minute-video is very sad, it is full of lucidity and thus hope. However, if you consider yourself to be too sensitive to people’s documented suffering, maybe you should refrain from watching it. Unfortunately, if you skip watching it, you will miss the wisdom and the talent of Mr. Helou. You will also miss the beauty of how people came together spontaneously to help from all the parts of the country. People and NGOs literally replaced a government, that is still in the coma up until now… As a reminder, there is still no accountability for this tragedy up until now!

To conclude this brief post, bravo and thank you Mr. Roberto Helou. Bambi is happy she discovered you/your work!

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