Thanks and happy lobster season to NB fishermen!

The spring lobster fishing season is officially open in New Brunswick (NB)!

Yes, the lobster season usually opens in early May and lasts until the end of the month of June. Some days, like perhaps today, fishermen can get up to 800lb of lobster.

Bambi is grateful for her friend Gina for: (1) sharing the superb pictures shown below; and (2) for taking the time, early in the morning, to chat with the kind fishermen of Anse Bleue. The latter is a small community near Caraquet in the northern part of our beautiful province. If she may, to thank Gina and honour our fishermen’s tough and dangerous job, Bambi would like to offer them two Acadian songs, shown at the end of this post!

A picture taken by Gina showing our beautiful NB beaches in the
area of Four Roads beach toward Inkerman wharf.
A picture taken by Gina. Happy lobster fishing season, NB!
A superb picture taken by Gina!
Another beautiful picture taken by Gina yesterday morning!
A picture taken by Gina today very early in the morning!
A picture taken by Gina.
Welcome back… with the delicious NB lobsters :)!
A picture taken by Gina.
Hello Fishermen :)!
A picture taken by Gina.
Thank you fishermen!
A picture taken by Gina.
Mmm! Yes, this picture will make many readers, not from the Maritimes, salivate :).
“Yalla” come to discover our beautiful province!
A picture taken by Gina making Bambi salivate now :)!
The last picture taken by and generously shared by Gina.

To conclude this post meant to feature the lobster fishing season in our province, once again, thank you Gina and bravo/”merci” to our fishermen. Here are the two French-Acadian songs Bambi promised to offer you :)!

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