Bravo Québec for being a national and international leader in the protection of academic freedom!

Bambi would like to thank her two friends who shared with her this piece of good news in both English (Globe and Mail) and French (ICI RDI):

Of course, in an ideal world, we would not need governmental intervention to protect academic freedom of university teachers.

However, as per ICI RDI’s media article, given the increasing “slippery slope” of self-censorship, Québec plans to better define and protect academic freedom with a legislative framework.

Québec’s idea is that no word is off limit while teaching in the classroom.

Of course, we need to wait to see what this legislative framework would look like to fully rejoice. However, Bambi feels like saying, just like her two friends: Way to go Québec! If she may, she would like to offer la Belle Province a song. Tonight, it will be “Gens du pays” of Mr. Gilles Vigneault :).

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