In words and music: A message of hope from Ms. Carla Chamoun to the Lebanese diaspora, especially those who left after the Beirut explosion

A picture of Lebanon taken from the internet and posted on this blog earlier

Thank you Ms. Carla Chamoun for your beautiful message to all those who left Lebanon after the surrealistic Beirut port explosions, including many of your own friend.

You said in Arabic before singing that Dalida’s famous Helwa ya baladi [My country is beautiful] song that the latter is “like your wish/prayer to them them. OK, it may sound like a bribery too, but basically, with this song you are saying the following: Please remember that our country is beautiful only with its people. Without its people, what would it be? Please either do not leave massively or if you left already, after working and building your future wherever you went, please think of coming back“.

Your voice is a delight to Bambi’s ears. Your words resonate with her. Indeed, even after over three decades and roots abroad, Lebanon cannot be taken out of her heart and mind (even if at times, we have like a feeling of love/hate relationship with the entire Middle East and its endless issues).

Ms. Chamoun is right. The tiny Mediterranean Lebanon is indeed beautiful with its people. Bambi misses its people’s hospitality, joie de vivre (perhaps now more challenging), and kindness. She misses especially her loved ones there. She sends them her love through this post.

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