Beirut: A song (Mr. Amjad Deeb, August 7, 2020) and a question

Although the song in question was posted on Youtube three days after the surrealistic Beirut port explosion in 2020, Bambi just saw it. Thank you Mr. Amjad Deeb!

Here is a quick translation of the Arabic lyrics into English for you:

My heart is burning over you Beirut… Rise.

You deserve life, not death O Beirut rise rise.

Rise and scream.

Rise and raise your voice.

No, silence was never meant for you!

I know you are too tired O Lebanon…

In pain.

The voice of pain is a prayer in heaven.

Being listened to…

In the name of the Prophet Mohamed and for the love of Jesus.

We are all praying for you and lighting candles.

O the lady of the universe, Beirut.

Your people is strong, resilient, resistant, and will not die!

Rise together rise.

Rise so we can build the houses!

It is forbidden to declare you a disaster!

Remain strong, remain as you have always been.

How many times you have fallen and you have risen.

Wars, destructions, and blood.

I know you are tired!

O Beirut the mother of all, I swear you will keep existing.

Despite the extent to which they will kill hope in us.

You will light our nights again.

In you, we grew up and in your heart we were raised.

And in our hearts you grew up O Beirut (twice, along with the earlier sentence).

And in our hearts you grew up O Beirut!

Now, the question that Bambi is wondering since yesterday night: Why is Hezbollah playing with the fire by sending drones to Israel? Why does it seem to poke the sleeping bear!?

Bambi is asking because a drone, which was sent from Lebanon triggered air defences in Northern Israel and resulted in a “thundering roar… in the Lebanese capital Beirut, probably caused by Israeli planes passing in the lowest overflight in years, according to a Reuters witness and a Lebanese security source” (

Beirutis do not need violence again. Lebanon does need another “July 2006 war” (and the Israeli population does not need scary drones). The country of the cedars is “tired“, as per the song above, with many unresolved crises on its plate. So, please stop it all of you, both internally and externally!

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