To what extent is Lebanon the microcosm of the world?

Today, Bambi read the words of a religious and wise man in Beirut in An Nahar ( His name is Metropolitan Bishop Elias Audi of the Beirut Greek Orthodox Church). He said: “The government must be the mother and the shelter, not the tyrant“.

A picture taken from An Nahar

Of course, Metropolitan Audi was talking about those governing his own country.

However, Bambi could not help not to wonder to which extent his words filled with truth and wisdom do not apply to each country of our world, including us in Canada?

Bambi is thinking of the consequences of all the following observations: ruling governments too disconnected from their own people, politicians too much into ideologies and less into practical, citizen-based governance, and/or leaders who seem either unwilling or incapable of assembling their people and ultimately of uniting their country, etc.

What can other countries, including ours, learn from tiny bankrupt and corrupt Lebanon? The latter is sadly systemically corrupt at all levels: Morally, military, financially, and economically. Yet, its people still believe in democracy through elections. They want a change. They want to live!

Is there a place for principles and patriotism still in the Lebanese government and in all governments?

Do we still cherish patriotism, as a genuine love for one’s country, without anyone calling it racism or supremacy of any sort or colour.

Patriotism is all about love.

Pure love at any time and perhaps more so at the evening of Saint Valentine’s day :).

Why aren’t we allowed to love and respect ourselves anymore in order to truly love our country? And be loved in return?

Why should we risk being censored (or cancelled) for expressing this love and/or for demanding whatever legitimate demands, without being vilified.

Why are only causes approved by our governments allowed and others systemically dismissed or repressed?

So many whys… Bambi will stop here, but her reflection will continue.

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