Happy double birthday to Bambi’s niece and cousin!

Happy Birthday Karen and Rana!! Bambi cannot go to sleep before posting her wishes that you will see very soon at your end :).

Twice per day today (just like yesterday with another melody) she heard the same song. Yes, she sang to it, but she also had tears in her eyes thinking of our beautiful memories together. One day, we will celebrate and rejoice again. One day the context will be happier. What matters today the most is YOU and your own happiness! Yes, this is Bambi’s wish/prayer for you and your loved ones!! She sends you her love until we see each other again, sometime before you turn 100 hopefully 🙂 (that was a bad joke, hoping it is making you smile now).

Here is the song of Yalla Nifrah! Yes, let’s rejoice and celebrate your successes, aspirations (whatever they are) and life simply. Thank you for being “you”.

And of course… here is Happy Birthday!

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