Bambi stands in solidarity with Mr. Jamil Jivani who has been fired from his job!

Thank you Mr. Jamil Jivani for sharing your story with us, Canadians, who are more than sick and tired of political and social intolerance, of censorship (or cancel sagas), regardless of where we stand (or not) on any political spectrum:

Even black men can be fired for not being “woke” enough, Part one of a five-part series on my departure from Bell Media and iHeartRadio” (

To conclude this brief post simply meant to show solidarity and respect, even without knowing the full context, a meaningful song comes again and again to Bambi’s mind. Yes, it is Ma liberté of Mr. George Moustaki (sub-titled in English).

Best wishes Mr. Jivani. Take good care and please keep on being a free (and competent) thinker!

2 thoughts on “Bambi stands in solidarity with Mr. Jamil Jivani who has been fired from his job!”

  1. I’ve gone ahead and subscribed to his public substack, this kind of thing happens far too often. “Diversity” is not really about including people, it’s about reducing intelligent thought between groups by forcing us together, thinking the same things about every issue. It goes without saying at this point that we live in a country without free speech, and that fact goes unnoticed because the censorship is achieved primarily through the private sector.

    1. Thank you Bloo for your thoughtful insights and support. Today it is him. Yesterday, someone else. Tomorrow, whom? Yes, tragically, our freedom of expression is evaporating in front of our eyes day after day. For Bambi, it would not be a big word to call this a unique thought or totalitarianism. Diversity without intellectual diversity is meaningless. Bambi does not want to sound like an old grand-mother of a deer, but in her mother tongue, they say: Look at your fingers. Each is different. Each is unique. Yet, they are all valuable. Altogether, united, they are called fingers. If our fingers would have had a brain to think and a mouth to talk with, they would be truly diverse. Why can’t we be like our fingers anymore in Canada? Why should we all have the same finger in 10 versions? Without intellectual diversity, life becomes too boring for all. Is this what we want in the end? Don’t we value creativity and entrepreneurship anymore in life? What about respect and solidarity among us all?

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