“Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin”: The pen (Mr. Ferland) and a voice (Ms. Reno) always moving to listen to!

Today’s post is about a beautiful song that Bambi just listened to. She would like to honour it in this post.

The song, entitled “Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin” [“A little bit higher, a little bit further“] is a song about hope, ironically written in the context of a break-up, by Mr. Jean-Pierre Ferland in 1969. What an eternal song!

Ms. Ginette Reno, Québec/Canada’s diva, interprets it in such a magnificent way, as shown below (with English sub-titles).

Clearly to Bambi, this song sounds like a powerful and genuine “hymn to hope“, as Mr. Ferland expressed that he wanted it to feel like (https://www.socanmagazine.ca/features/socan-classics-un-peu-plus-haut-un-peu-plus-loin-1969/).

Bravo and thank you Mr. Jean-Pierre Ferland for your inspiring song!

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