Lebanon’s and the Arab world’s diva: Is there anything more moving than Fairouz’ voice?

Surprise: Bambi would like to dedicate this post to you Mary as well as to her own dad. Both have an impressive collection of Fairouz songs. They must surely have the following two pieces.

Bambi is now also thinking of her friend Firas in heaven (yesterday was his birthday actually). He was also passionate about Fairouz.

To come back to the post now, it will introduce two songs. The first one is entitled “We used to meet” and it is from a famous musical of the Rahbanis. Bambi woke up this morning singing it. No clue why. She must have heard it on her internet radio this week. It kept coming to her mind several times during her busy day.

Below you can find the lyrics followed by the song:

“We used to meet at night

Sitting on the old bridge

And the fog used to come down the Valley

Erasing the horizon along with the road

No body then knew where we were

Except the sky and the autumn leaves

And then you said I love, I do love you

And the sad cloud took us and ran away

Oh, my old years that passed, please come back

Just for one time come back

And leave me on the door steps of my childhood

If you do, I will run under the sun of roads

Oh, my old years that passed, please come back

Just for one time come back

Give me back my smiles which have gone

Far away to the corners of yards

You remember what they said about me

when I waited and you just forgot to show up

And then winter came

And summer came too but you didn’t”.

The second song, Kifak Inta?” [How are you doing, you?], was written/composed by Fairouz’ son, Mr. Ziad Rahbani. It is sub-titled in English in the video shown below.

To conclude, Fairouz is surely the asset of tiny and now bankrupt Lebanon. Not only culturally/artistically, but also as a unifying voice: Yes, one Lebanon, one love, one singing voice. Thank you Fairouz (now 87) for your inspiring career that you began in your teen years in the late 1940s!

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