Dr. Joseph Facal: “Universités: c’est pire que pire” [“Universities: it’s worse than worse”]

Thank you Dr. Joseph Facal for your article published on Saturday January 8, 2022, in the Journal de Montréal (https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2022/01/08/universites-cest-pire-que-pire).

Please take the time to read until the end… Bambi could not help not to insert her own comment concerning Dr. Frances Widdowson’s shockingly revolting firing! Below you can read a quick translation of the above article, thanks to Bambi’s faithful friend, Mr. Google Translate.

Ideological fanaticism does not rest at the University of Ottawa.

It is building a better world and believes itself to be morally superior.

We want to fill a professorship in sociology and at the School of Feminist and Gender Studies.


Let’s read carefully the skills needed:

“A doctorate in anthropology, indigenous studies, feminist and gender studies, or a related field. Exceptional applicants who do not have a PhD will be considered if they hold recognized indigenous knowledge, have ties to indigenous communities, use indigenous research and teaching methods, or have outstanding academic work recognized by other Indigenous researchers. “

In short, if you are indigenous, you don’t have to have a doctorate if your “indigenous knowledge” is recognized … by other indigenous people.

We also want to open a position in “Decolonial Feminism, Anti-Racism and International Development”.

It states: “In order to build productive relationships with the communities most affected by coloniality and racism, this display is aimed at people who identify as black, indigenous and racialized.”

If you have white skin, no need to apply.

To be kicked out because you have black skin is racist. To be excluded because you have white skin is “progressive.”

As one cynical professor once said, when you “want to build productive relationships”, you need what you need.

Imagine a legal challenge in the name of discrimination. Hmm …

I said above that the University of Ottawa continues to forge ahead.

The administration and the teachers’ union, infiltrated by Wokeism, will now impose mandatory training in equity and diversity on faculty members.

If they do not take it, they lose their right to vote when recruiting future professors. Long live democracy!

There is still better.


At Mount Royal University in Calgary, Professor Frances Widdowson was completely fired [Can you imagine? A highly competent and productive professor!! Our collectively insane times have gone too far… Is there still hope for our universities at large to remain what they are supposed to be: places of free thinking, academic freedom, and enriching debates?].

Dr. Widdowson is a distinguished political scientist specializing in Indigenous politics in Canada.

Her “crime” was not to share the woke and victimizing ideology on the subject.

She denounces these activists, consultants and lawyers who have turned the indigenous cause into a lucrative “business” by thinking of them, first of all.

She believes that the segregation and ghettoization of indigenous people in the name of “restorative justice” is harmful.

She denounces that, in the name of the legitimate rehabilitation of indigenous cultures, one wants to establish an equivalence between ancestral beliefs and experimental science.

Do Native Elders predict the weather? She points out that this is arguably possible for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, regardless of their background.

She recalls a fact: at Kamloops Residential School, it was not a mass grave [“une fosse commune” ou “un charnier” in French] but a cemetery of anonymous graves, common to all the poor in the past.

She has been violently attacked for years by activists, colleagues, and her administration. They got her. Fired!

Also under attack are the publishers that published her work.

I could tell you about other supposedly “isolated” cases. You have no idea …”

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