Ms. Andy the Frenchy: “Câlisse Covidad”

Thank you Ms. Andy the Frenchy for your parody version about the “line up” of “Câlisse Covidad” :)!

For those who do not know the beautiful French-Canadian language, here is a quick explanation for you: The word “câlisse” is a curse. It has its origins in the Roman Catholic church tradition. It refers to the communion chalice. It may seem odd (and maybe even somehow sad) when we first hear it for the first time. However, when we learn the history of the very domineering Catholic church in Québec and this province’s silent revolution, we understand where the curse comes from. We even smile when we hear it. Plus, the colourful vocabulary of the adorable people of Québec teaches us that Québeckers use many religious objects as swear-words (not just this one)! If we are well integrated to Québec, we may even hear ourselves using some of these swear-words :).

Mind you, related to the above, Lebanon also has one curse that refers to ALL religions or rather ANY one of the 18 official ones. It means: “Cursed be your religion” (almost all the others are related to sex and honour).

Now, to come back to Ms. Andy the Frenchy’s parody of a Christmas song, the latter is about Covid-19 and how people are being fed-up of the public health management of the pandemic, especially when it comes to the long line-ups in the cold, outside of pharmacies, to get a rapid test.

Thank you and Merry coronavirus-free Christmas to you Ms. Andy the Frency! Merci pour votre parodie qui a fait rire Bambi 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ms. Andy the Frenchy: “Câlisse Covidad””

  1. ?Everything gets a bit easier with a little bit of humour ? (and creative association of words?)
    Thank you Bambi for your explanation of the use of “câlisse” in French-Canadian as a swear word! I reminded me that in my childhood and youth I heard my father use a curse related to the sacraments in German as well.

    1. Gern Geschehen Achim :). Thanks for sharing and yes, Bambi agrees: Thank Goodness, there is something called a sense of humour in life!

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