Mabrouk/Herzlichen Glückwunsch Ms. Monika Borgmann!

Ms. Monika Borgmann was awarded the Franco-German Human Rights Prize, as per An Nahar (Arabic content, other media, and social media below)!!

What a well-deserved award to her in Beirut, to her beloved spouse, Mr. Lokman Slim (sadly in heaven… still with impunity :(!), to their team, to her family (and friends), to Lebanon, and to all those who care about human rights around the world! Yes, caring about those rights, not just when it suits us, but at all times and for anyone and everyone!

What a beautiful and moving picture of Ms. Borgmann & Mr. Slim taken from Naharnet!
Thank Goodness (at least in Bambi’s mind), love transcends death…

Thank you France and Germany for this joint award. If you wish to read Ms. Monika Borgmann’s impressive bio:

To conclude this brief post, and if she may, Bambi would like to offer Frau Monika Borgmann a Mabrouk new song by Mr. Nicolas El Osta and… a slogan (her own!):

And now the slogan…

Zero Fear

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