Dr. David Suzuki: Does his legendary passion or fear about the future justify his threat of violence?

Bambi would like to thank Mr. Ezra Levant for a couple of tweets about a CHEK News article where we could listen to a video in which Dr. David Suzuki said that pipelines will be “blown up” if our “politicians or global leaders fail to act on climate change“. His comment was made at an Extinction Rebellion protest in Victoria, Vancouver Island (entitled “A funeral for the future“).

In our world, we have passionate environmentalists, thank Goodness. Indeed, thanks to them for pushing for a greener environment. However, when a passion reaches extreme levels of activism that start sounding like fanaticism or a covert call for ecoviolence, should we start worrying about any slippery slope in our country?

Bambi does not know about you, but words referring to explosions are a turnoff for her. Plus, instead of mobilizing people around the cause, they may actually harm the environmental cause. Dr. Suzuki is a smart scientist/environmentalist with a long career in broadcasting. His words have a weight. They can influence our youth and older passionate Canadians. With all due respect, perhaps he should be more careful with the choice of his words next time… unless he truly meant the word “blown up“, which would be truly scary.

To conclude this post, of course, you do not have to agree with neither Bambi’s question nor her concern for the fanaticism of environmentalism. After all, the “funeral” may take place for real and perhaps sooner than we think… but it would be not in the way this radical environmental group meant it.

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