NO to Bill C-36 limiting freedom of expression!

In Global News, Bambi just read ( the following:

“The Coalition to Combat Online Hate, which includes Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Indigenous and Black organizations, has written to Justice Minister David Lametti and Rodriguez urging them to ensure that a bill regulating online hate and vitriol will have “swift passage” through parliament.”

Her question is the following: What are these groups forming this so-called coalition and how many of them are funded by our federal government, the so-called “Liberal” Party of Canada?

Plus, how sad it is to read that a former Bloc Québécois member is also pushing for Bill C-36.

To conclude this post, a song comes to Bambi’s mind… yes, again, Ms. Nana Mouskouri’s liberty song:

2 thoughts on “NO to Bill C-36 limiting freedom of expression!”

  1. For a further comment:

    Following up, we discover via UCC that a member of this so-called coalition is Canadian Rabbinic Caucus. Some more following-up, and we find that the co-chair is a Rabbi Poupko, of Montreal:

    So we then look at the web site of his synagogue, and discover that:
    he is to be “in conversation with” Bari Weiss tomorrow, at 7:30 PM EST:

    Now, knowing where Bari Weiss stands on such issues, I wonder what their “conversation” will be like.

    Is Poupko even AWARE of what the organisations that he co-chairs are signing off on???

    What is going on, here?

  2. The “Coalition to Combat Online Hate”, eh?

    A group that doesn’t even appear to have a web site. I’ll bet that it was put together very hastily to support the gov’t agenda.

    Here’s the closest that one can find to the original letter:

    I’ll bet that most of these organisations are the recipients of government largesse, and know what they must to for that to continue.

    Shame on these self-interested political whores.

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