Wion: “Suffering from ‘climate change’: Canada woman first in world with such diagnosis”

A new medical diagnosis in the world… made in Canada, one of the coldest countries in the world, one must add (https://www.wionews.com/trending/suffering-from-climate-change-canada-woman-first-in-world-with-such-diagnosis-428006).

The BC physician who made the diagnosis, along with some peers, even demonstrated a few days ago for climate action: https://www.rosslandnews.com/news/nelson-doctors-and-nurses-demonstrate-for-climate-action/.

Regardless of your opinion or perhaps personal level of activism with this particular topic, Bambi wonders if you are also noticing the increasing contradictions in our country (and world), like her.

Indeed, such a VERY novel diagnosis, not rooted in clinical guidelines, is making local and international headlines simply because it is socially and globally encouraged.

You may think this is normal in a country where its prime minister called for a “global climate change tax” (what a creative solution). More seriously, he will soon be tailoring policies that will very seriously limit the economy of his/our country (in times we badly need to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic). All this and Canada is not even one of the largest contributors to any human-made part of the climate change (not as much as China or India or other countries). So instead of all this, why don’t we put more efforts into funding research on green technologies that actually work?

To come back to healthcare providers, in contrast to this story, when a physician or a nurse questions something like the need of mass vaccination of young children with a new technique not tested enough and they are not an at-risk group for severe symptoms of Covid-19, he or she is cancelled by the health authorities. Of course, Bambi is not talking here about kids with complex health conditions or those with known adult-like risk factors or not even about those who parents are eager to vaccinate their 5-11 years old.

To conclude this post, she does not know about you, but as a deer who consumes the healthcare system from time to time, Bambi personally prefers to be treated by competent clinicians who will focus on her medical care per se than on world’s ideologies that are increasingly colouring or invading the healthcare delivery as well as our personal daily lives, as citizens. She is saying so with all due respect to this particular physician (and to his peers) as well as to all our health professionals.

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