The UN’s COP26, which is into “Equity and Diversity”, is not equipped to welcome an energy minister in a wheelchair!

Our world elites, many of whom flirt with wokeism, are currently meeting at COP26 in Glasgow in the UK.

As a reminder, wokeism is a modern form of sectarianism, which pretends to hold a monopoly on morality. It is like a movement of neo-puritanism that speaks in the name of minorities (including disabled people). It cancels people or censors books, movies, or events when they question its orthodoxies (even by simply bringing some nuances, etc.). It becomes racist and discriminatory, of course in the name of anti-racism and justice.

Now, COP26 is the hub where the world’s elites are meeting to save our planet… yet they are not even able to welcome the Israeli Energy Minister, Ms. Karine Elharra, who is in a wheelchair (

How can they pretend to be those who will efficiently solve climate change, if they are not even able to simply ensure a prompt access to a minister to their venue to join her voice to others’ in order to find collective solutions to the problem?

All what this minister wanted was to take part, like her peers, in the joint effort to advance solutions to climate change? Indeed, to use her own words, “I came to COP26 to meet my counterparts in the world and advance our joint struggle against the climate crisisIt’s sad that the United Nations, which promotes accessibility for people with disabilities, in 2021 doesn’t worry about accessibility at its own events.”

According to the National Post article above (based on Reuters), “the British ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, apologized for the mishap“. Nice of him to do so. Let’s hope lessons will be learned for future editions of this UN summit or others, especially when they brag about the so-called “diversity and equity” (

To conclude this post, it is Bambi’s hope that trendy yet empty slogans (like diversity, equity, inclusion or whatever else that may replace this one in the future) will be genuine, that is concrete. Not just empty slogans… or not just “blahblahblah“, to use the words of a famous COP26 participant, Ms. Greta Thunberg :).

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