Gravitas: “Booster shot: Protection or profit”?

As the saying goes, “one man’s loss (of immunity over time) is another man’s gain (vaccine producer)”. Protection (of citizens, especially the most health-vulnerable ones) and profit (of big companies) can, and often do, go hand in hand in life.

However, as the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, and we can hear its Director (Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) in the this Wion‘s report of Ms. Palki Sharma, the vaccine booster stage seems to be the reality only when customers are the wealthiest countries of the world.

Indeed, low-income countries (e.g., many in Africa) are lagging behind in terms of their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine (2% of the population). Yet other countries are in the middle, so to speak (Lebanon with 50% of the population registered to be vaccinated now: 32% having had their first dose and 26% their second one).

Mind you, despite those disparities, overall and thank Goodness, the pandemic seems to have slowed down/stabilized in Lebanon, at least right now (, as well as in many parts of the world, at least as of October 1, 2021, including North America in general (of course excluding serious outbreaks here and there, sadly including NB, which may be going through what other places have experienced before us) and Alberta, or elsewhere (

Bravo for being where we are now… surely in a better place than two years ago before having a vaccine developed (and even if the journey is far from being over). Plus, we are a more experienced world now when it comes to recent pandemics. Of course, we need to remain vigilant, like with anything else in life, in addition to learning to live with/despite this health risk. In the end, countries have no choice but to do so, as New Zealand recently concluded (

To conclude this post, may the memory of all our/your loved ones lost to this tiny yet mean coronavirus be eternal… May the years ahead be the safest, healthiest, happiest, and more prosperous ones for the entire world.

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  1. Food for Thought
    Covid-19 Follow The Money “Show Me The Money!”

    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Prof of Medicine at Standford University on misleading hospitalization Covid stays

    The Cures Act of 2020 – Follow the Money $50,000

    Hospitals as a result of Covid-19 in the US an extra $50,000 for every additional Covid-19 patient they see now.

    The mainstream corporate media trying to push an agenda and scare people that we are running out of hospital resources, beds, etc…The world is coming to end as a result of Covid-19 with its mutations pushing the narrative and justification for a Biometric State to curb individual rights.

    A Double Negative Math and The Biometric State, Covid-19

    The death rate was not 3% as predicted but more like .2%.
    Males, especially older males 50+ because males only have one X chromosome are at the highest risk of dying.

    “Science” – A Negative or A Positive
    “The Science” – A False Positive

    How they Change the Data Reading for Covid-19

    If you’re negative, 99.5%, the kit would show that you’re, “a negative”.
    While .5% the kit would show that you’re, “a positive”.

    They flipped the data, 99.5% is now can be considered
    “a false positive”. While .5% would still be “a positive”.

    A False Positive

    “A double negative is a nonstandard form using two negatives for emphasis where only one is necessary”

    A Broken Leg should Not Count as A Case of Covid-19

    So if you go in for a broken leg to a hospital in the US and if they test you for Covid-19 and they will. If your report comes back now saying you test as “a false positive” for Covid -19 and a 99.5% chance of that happening “a double negative”. That hospital now gets an extra $50,000. Hospitals were not reporting it as being a broken leg incident case but rather as being a Covid-19 incident case.

    There have also been instances of people let say being hit by a bus, the record show they were tested as “a false positive” for Covid-19. Though the cause of death was not put down as being hit by a bus but instead of dying of Covid-19, probably just another cash cow for the hospitals.

    We Have A Cure for Covid-19, The Two Shots

    These Covid-19 vaccination shots were sold as a cure, but they are wearing off as shown by new studies out of Isreal. Now Isreal is telling everyone they need another booster shot.

    It is people that got very sick that had Covid-19 and had actual real hospital stays, as a result, will have the best immunity to Covid-19. This type of immunity would include new variants of Covid-19, The Delta variant. Just like it would apply to most other air bourn viruses like the flu.

    The problem is that the vast majority of people like about 95.5 of the population have very strong immune systems. As a result, they probably got Covid-19 without knowing it and recovered and were immune to Covid-19 without knowing it. In the same way, that people that sick enough to have been hospitalized for Covid-19.

    Now this part of the population which is the vast majority of the population now having to pump two to three shots of god knows what into their bodies. While simultaneously having Western Democracies restrict freedom of mobility on a drop of a dime “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Shakespeare

    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Prof of Medicine at Standford University on misleading hospitalization Covid stays –

    1. Thank you for sharing, Demian. In other countries, like Lebanon and Israel, Covid-19 antibody blood tests are readily available for those who need to know this information (in Lebanon, it is even offered by the broke government… Plus, although Bambi is not 100% sure, privately too). Shockingly, not as easy to have access to it in some parts of Canada (even if a patient is willing to pay for it from his/her own pocket because this test is badly needed; of course not just for the sake of doing it). Bambi understands that our governments want to limit (unnecessary) costs, but what if it is private? It can help the government in saving money, no? Is there another reason why it is hard to get such tests? If so, could we explain it to us, please.

      Bambi find the boosters story out of Israel, required for the new green pass (removing the benefit of the 2 earlier vaccination with 2 doses) too much, as a public health measure. Of course, they are free to do what they wish in their country. They likely have their own reasons. Let’s hope they will not give Canada more restrictive ideas…

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