Who qualifies to win the global award of wokeism, the USA, Canada, or Germany?

To begin with, simply put and according to experts like Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté, “wokeism is the fanaticization of political correctness“.

To use his own translated words, “we could also speak of a new American religious left (or, at least, of American origins): there is a discourse of awakening (e.g., public figures who declare to have taken awareness of their privileges“; they tell us that “they want to free themselves from it“. It is “an expression of their desire for purification (like a re-birth), what looks like a state of being enlightened by the diverse revelation, freed from prejudices, and ready to move forward in the new world” (https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/07/24/reflexions-sur-le-wokisme).

Some thinkers (yes, they still exist despite the scarcity) go a step further by considering that in reality this ideology is not about racism as it pretends. It is most likely a form of tribalism or sectarianism meant to provoke strifes that can divide societies (sadly like what we usually see in the Middle East). It is also thought to be about the re-distribution of social or socio-political powers or structures. Who knows? Perhaps there is also an encouragement by foreign forces motivated in dividing the United States or USA, Canada as well, and perhaps, by extension, Western countries?

The above being said, whatever wokeism is or is not, Bambi thinks that people are free to be woke or highly religious within this movement, if they wish. The problem begins when they impose their vision of the world on others. Here we can make an analogy with Islamism or with any other extreme levels of religiosity, which ultimately jumps from the individual (or even group) level to the political/public arena. When the latter occurs and spreads, wokeism can/will be toxic.

One must add that this new form of secular, racialized religion is so organized and wealthy that it seems to be replacing the role of religions in higher education institutions and in political structures, so-called diversity training, in the social media/media, and in one’s personal beliefs.

As a result of all the above, this potentially toxic ideology (since in its name we can destroy people’s names and careers and we can hate others) benefits from much funding to the point of now having in each of the USA and Canada an entire bureaucracy (governments, universities, public institutions, etc.) and business models (centres, private organizations, etc.) that foster it. For instance, we see highly-paid positions, whole offices, or even prestigious research chairs in our country funded by the federal government (i.e., our own tax money or other unknown sources of funding?), all having the same name of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (how creative).

Bearing this in mind, we can see influences of this ideology across countries and across sectors. To come back to the question raised in the title of this post, why don’t you think about it and answer it to yourself (yes, just yourself, no need to share your answer… unless you feel the urge :)). So, here are the media articles in question related to wokeism. The stories are not similar, but they reflect a similar widespread mindset.

About the USA:

If you are interested, you may wish to read about the race-based segregation that is sadly back to American campuses and some consider this as a progress in life :(. The article below describes how groups of students have stopped engaging with each other. Some do not even share the same physical space. Other do not celebrate their graduation together. She does not know about you, but Bambi finds this to be so sad in addition to being a loss for all.


About Canada:

Well in Canada, we now have media campaigns and even political pressures by coroners [investigating a horrible case of racism/disrespect in the healthcare system… May Ms. Joyce Echaquan’s memory be eternal :(] against a province (i.e., Québec), represented by its Prime Minister, Mr. Legault, to force him to say: “yes, there is systemic racism” (as per an earlier post shown further below). Clearly in Bambi’s mind, this campaign seems like a political trap, whatever the motivation behind it and regardless of how clumsy he may have been lately (despite the good and genuine intentions).

Even organizations like Amnesty International, Canadian section, have gone fully woke in both languages… Will they go broke one day, as per the saying?



Of note, in Canada, we hear stories of scientists who, coincidentally, happen to be both Québec and Lebanese “expats” (so to speak) being suspended from their tenured academic positions without a pay for SEVEN months. This in addition to being denied access to their campuses (like criminals) SIMPLY because of their personal blogs. On the latter, they may have written about their love for Canada and about how they do not see their country or province as being systemically racist (i.e., in agreement with 80% of Canadians). Of course, the latter does not mean there is no racism in the society or no institutional injustice (particularly from the Canadian state towards Indigenous people in bills that need to be finally addressed). Since Bambi is not politically correct, she will also add to this that there could also be corruption within some Indigenous communities by some specific leaders; analogy with those political leaders in Lebanon who may have benefited from international donations themselves instead of ensuring their access to their (innocent) population.

About Germany:

We learned from a Wion article shown below the following… it is all in the title: “‘Diversity spaces’: Germany reserves parking spots for LGBT community and migrants”. Well, why would with whom someone sleeps matter in finding a parking space? And, for God’s sake, what is too special about migrants to have a parking spot also reserved to them? Don’t these German drivers have legs to walk if they park further away? Did they ask to be have this treatment of virtue signalling or are we, once again, doing/saying things in their name without consulting them (like we do in Canada with recent immigrants or with Indigenous people that we call BIPOCs (as a reminder, Bambi is supposed to fit this rather funny acronym as “a deer of colour“).


So, according to you, from these media articles or from true stores, which country’s current situation is the most “woke” , the USA, Canada, or Germany? And which country will be the first to start saying enough to this non-sense that has been sadly leading to absurd excesses. If pushed to more extreme levels, it could (may God forbid!) lead to strife. There is a huge price to this modern form of identity-based sectarianism.

To conclude this post, Bambi does not know about you, but right now she so much dreams of having her Canada (of just 30… and even 20 years ago back). The Canada she immigrated to, or thought she did so, over 31 years ago! Is there still hope in the short term? Or should she patiently wait to see the pendulum starting to swing back?

2 thoughts on “Who qualifies to win the global award of wokeism, the USA, Canada, or Germany?”

  1. A lot of that chatter is divisive… Alison McDowell has recently caught my attention this year at her mama’s blogger http://wrenchinthegears.com and there is certainly lots of food for thought from this Philly based blogger that I don’t hear enough people addressing: technocracy is something I have been concerned about for many years… politics as a crazy distraction and the divisions are only becoming deeper.. I’d like to see more people discussing the threats that ALL of us face. Invitation to explore – Alison is also a youtuber.
    Thanks “Bambi” for creating a space for intelligence discussions in town that is not on facebook/twitter.

    1. Thank you for sharing, contributing/enriching the comments section of Bambi’s Afkar’s blog, asking questions (in one of your earlier comments), and for also kindly writing a (positive) feedback.

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