Lebanon’s charm: Discover Ehden!

Ehden, Lebanon

Bambi concluded her last post by calling Lebanon “tiny bankrupt yet always charming“. If you thought she was exaggerating, this post will hopefully convince you that her choice of the word “charming” was VERY accurate :)!

First, you may wonder. Why is Bambi talking about Ehden today? Well, her sister Roula, once again, enriched her blog with beautiful pictures (thanks also to her other sister, Rania, for her professional pictures in earlier posts)!

Before, showing you Roula’s pictures taken today, please let Bambi introduce you to Ehden. What and where is it? According to Wikipedia (Bambi double-checked its accuracy :), the term Ehden would be اٍهدن‎ in Arabic and ܐܗܕ ܢ in Syriac-Aramaic; Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus, which is another Semitic language. Ehden is “a mountainous town in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon and on the southwestern slopes of Mount Makmal in the Mount Lebanon Range. Its residents are the people of Zgharta, as it is within the Zgharta District”.

Bambi has fond memories from two of her trips back to Lebanon when her parents took her to visit Ehden and this region, namely Bcharreh, the forests of the Cedars of Lebanon, etc. They then drove through Tripoli and all the way back to Beirut. Anyhow, Ehden is the charm in itself. You are above the clouds literally (1500+ meters above sea level). You are instantly connected to nature and, through it, you feel the spirituality in the air… The smells of nature, the beautiful sound of birds breaking the charm of silence, etc. And of course, there is the smells and taste of food!! Lebanon is famous for its delicious food, as you can see in the video below by Mr. Anthony Rahael, sub-titled in English. Mmm!!!!

Now, whether you took the time to watch the video or not, here are Ms. Roula Douglas’ pictures, a highly recommended place to visit one day!

To conclude this post, if Fred happens to be reading this post, Bambi can assure him that she can be the Ambassador of several beautiful jurisdictions at the same time (this is not possible for diplomats!): Québec, as you honoured her with your title of “Ambassador” of it (even if you were teasing her about Bill 21 :), her whole Canada (including her New-Brunswick and the entire Maritimes), and Lebanon. She remains attached to the latter, especially that her immediate family moved back over twenty years ago. If you are wondering again if she is being paid by the Government of Lebanon to promote tourism, she is not either 🙂 (and no, not because they are sadly bankrupt)!

A picture taken by Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas
A picture taken by Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas
A picture taken by Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas
A picture taken by Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas
A picture taken by Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas

One thought on “Lebanon’s charm: Discover Ehden!”

  1. This is Bambi commenting on her own blog. To be very accurate, and in order not to mislead her readers, she just learned from her sister that those specific pictures were taken from the nearby village, called Bcharreh, and not from Ehden per se. Luckily, both are located next to each other in the Zgharta District region! So, Bambi’s mistake could be easily forgiven :). This being said, if you happen to be reading this post and you are from Bcharreh, please accept Bambi’s apologies. One of the future posts will be about the charming Bcharreh, count on her :)!

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