Sharing a joyful Armenian & Lebanese-Arabic song to begin the weekend!

Bambi loves this love song called Mi Gna, as her friends of Armenian origins know :). She is lucky because it played on the radio today. Well, she may be lucky, but not her spouse! Poor guy because she cannot stop singing the song since this morning… and it is now late in the evening.

Bambi wonders if her family members in Beirut heard this song before. Mind you, It is not that new. However, for the dinosaur in her [in addition to being a deer :)], this musical discovery is considered a recent one.

Bambi hopes you will enjoy discovering this song as well. Now, if you decide that you do not like it, you will be the lucky one here. Indeed, you have the agency to ignore this post or the whole blog altogether!

2 thoughts on “Sharing a joyful Armenian & Lebanese-Arabic song to begin the weekend!”

    1. Bambi loves it!!!! Thank you Melania for sharing this beautiful version!! The latter is three years old now. Mmm, where was Bambi all that time? Sleeping :)?

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