Victoria Day, national day of the Patriotes in Québec, official birthday of Canada’s Queen, or… time for Bambi to honour her friend Paul!

It is a long weekend in Canada (Bambi learned this only on Friday evening as she was too busy to realize that).

It is Victoria Day tomorrow.

In Québec, it is the national day of the Patriotes where this province pauses to honour what its people historically went through!

It is also the official birthday of Canada’s Queen Elizabeth (born on April 21, 1926). Bambi feels compassion for her because she recently lost the love of her life :(.

Regardless of the above, this long weekend marks the beginning of the summer season in our country ?. Summer season and a cold beer drank outside is perhaps one of the activities that unites us all, from coast to coast to coast.

Bambi has another reason to pause and celebrate today. She wants to celebrate her friendship with Paul (in heaven after he left our world at age 100).

Paul did not live longer enough to go through the pandemic… or to see the absurdity and violence behind any cancel culture attempt, especially when it targets his friend.

Paul was Bambi’s Flamenco partner for over four years. They proudly and happily danced together in Montreal when Bambi was a PhD candidate. They were lucky to be the students of their devoted teacher. They celebrated birthdays, graduations, and many summer seasons together, including this long weekend when it was his own birthday.

Paul was a proud Québecker, mixed with the beauty that comes from marriages of origins (French Canadian and Indigenous). Paul was compassionate, generous, talented, handsome, and INSPIRING in so many ways!!

He danced until his late 90ies (perhaps 94, perhaps 96?). He kept dancing and creating choreographies in his mind, even when he stopped dancing.

Funny moments were when Bambi used to arrive to that studio (4th floor of an old building) out of breath for having run fast out of her lab to arrive on time. Paul would be worried about her, asking her: Are you alright Bambi?

Once, he fell sick (one of the rare times). Perhaps a certain fatigue (from much dancing?!). Bambi went to the pharmacy the next day to find him good vitamins. When the pharmacist asked her why she was looking for that for her friend, she told him: “He is a bit tired”. His answer was: “But isn’t this normal at his age?” Bambi’s answer was a clear no, not for him ?!

When asked about his secret of happiness in longevity, Paul said: Accepting that each age is beautiful, perhaps a glass of wine per day ?, and… love. Yes, love with a big L! Paul loved his family beyond words (he took care of all his siblings until their death. Bambi often prays for him and his dear brother whose name is like her spouse’ name!). Paul’s amazing family (niece and her family) gave back love to him, honouring him until his last breath. Bambi and her spouse had the chance to visit them a couple of times over the past years. Every Christmas, they exchange best wishes for the new year…

Bambi misses you/loves you Paul, today more than ever. If she may, she would like to offer you two songs. The first is about the French language at the eve of your national day of Patriots (English translation here:

The second song is… of course related to Flamenco ?!

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