When will Ms. Céline Dion’s dove (“colombe”) finally deliver its “message of peace, love, and friendship” to the people of Palestine & Israel?

Bambi and her father-in-law sarcastically joked once whilst debating international politics, saying that the endless Israel-Palestine conflict will perhaps end when the children of her grand-children will grow up.

This would have been a piece of good news for the entire Middle East, and the world, even if it seems far in time. However, sadly, the meaning of their sarcasm is that this conflict may be endless given that Bambi and her spouse do not have kids.

Yet, even if the news from the Middle East are too sad, Bambi insists on remaining hopeful, as she has always been in life. Yes, she still has faith in humanity, despite the unfolding tragedy.

To conclude this post, it is Bambi’s hope that Ms. Céline Dion’ dove would fly as high and fast as possible to reach the Middle East, sharing her “message of peace, love, and friendship”. She also prays that wisdom and restraint will prevail in Lebanon, as this country does not need another war in relation to this historic conflict.

May the memory of the victims be eternal…

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