Armenia is part of Bambi’s heart… Today this part is sad on the eve of April 24

Those who know Bambi since childhood recall that her nickname is “Bambine“. Yes, she is an Armenian deer deep in her heart, today/tomorrow more than ever.

Remembrance is a duty, not just to honour the 1 million victims (may their memory be eternal), but to learn from history in order to say and truly mean: Another genocide in our world… never again!

To conclude this post, here are three songs that Bambi would like to offer to all her friends of Armenian heritage, if she may. The first one is by Mr. Ghassan Rahbani (in both Arabic and Armenian). It is about the Armenian genocide that took place from about April 24 (1915) to 1917. The second is by the late Mr. Charles Aznavour (a French song performed by Ms. Nana Mouskouri, along with French artists, to raise funds after the devastating Armenian earthquake of 1988). Finally, the last song is by Mr. Patrick Fiori whose father is French-Armenian (in French).


2 thoughts on “Armenia is part of Bambi’s heart… Today this part is sad on the eve of April 24”

  1. Dear Bambi,

    First, I would like to really thank you from my bottom of heart, I’m sure any Armenian who reads your article will be amazed and very proud to meet a person like you. Thank you for remembering.
    Those songs are amazing and very meaningful !! lest we forget !!
    I really enjoy all your articles, you deserve all the best 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Dear Diana, Bambi is both honoured and moved by your comment. Thank you for your kind words that come from you who is a source of inspiration, not just for Bambi, but for so many others! Yes, well said: lest we forget… If not and sadly, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (as per George Santayana).

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