Bravo to the Jewish Public Library for having a spine against cancel culture

Dr. Gad Saad, from Concordia University (Montreal, Québec), was about to become a target of cancel culture (ie., an attempt to silence him). The Jewish Public Library showed courage when facing the mob. His talk will take place at the end of this month, as scheduled. Bravo.

No one should be silenced in a free society, including Dr. Saad, whether we agree with his ideas or not. Instead, what would be more enriching in life is to debate and exchange ideas. Plus, if someone does not want to listen or debate, an easy solution would be to simply avoid reading his book or attending his talk, etc.

To conclude this post, at 5.36 minutes from the start, Dr. Saad’s wise words resonated with Bambi: “With every loss, every cancelled deplatforming that is instantiated, a small piece of our freedom dies”. Indeed, when freedom dies, the end result can be very ugly, as both Dr. Saad and Bambi happen to know very well…

2 thoughts on “Bravo to the Jewish Public Library for having a spine against cancel culture”

    1. Well said, Fred. Thanks for sharing this video and the information. Bambi had no clue, but she just googled him out of curiosity after reading your comment. One of his family names sounds Lebanese to her ears :).

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