Beirut, the land of contrast (part 2)

This morning, Bambi called her parents in Beirut to check on them. They got their second vaccine dose yesterday after precisely three weeks since their first one. Note that this took place in their destroyed and now partly rebuilt hospital. Thank God and bravo for this inspiring yet not surprising resourcefulness! Indeed, the rest of Bambi’s beloved senior family members are or will also soon be more protected from the coronavirus with a second dose of vaccine. Sadly, this was not the case for too many people, both seniors and younger ones, who lost their lives, even shortly before the availability of vaccines (developed in a record period of time, thanks to the clever scientists of our world). May they all rest in peace.

Isn’t Beirut a strange place? On the Covid-19 battle front, the vaccine distribution seems to be going relatively smoothly (i.e., ironically and apparently, even faster than in Canada)… but on ALL the other fronts, the lives of Lebanese residents have been described by demonstrators as being a “slow death” (original longer part of this English France 24 documentary shown below).

Indeed, and to conclude this post, Bambi would like to thank her friend Joëlle for sharing this brief heartfelt appeal about Beirut by Ms. Sarah El Yaffy. After listening to the latter, Bambi is speechless… there are no words that could be added beyond Ms. El Yaffy’s message to the world, but is anyone listening (starting with the Lebanese politicians themselves!)?

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