May the memory of “Monsieur Patate” be eternal…!

Rest in peace Mr./Monsieur Patate….

Until where can we push the funny excesses of political correctness?

The world is devastated by the tiny yet dangerous coronavirus.

The economy is falling apart… here and there and everywhere.

Everyone is too busy with life, work, school, quarantines, and/or concerns.

Kids need entertainment and continuity in their lives, perhaps now more than ever…

Well, in the name of “inclusiveness” and kindness, even “Monsieur Patate” and “Madame Patate” deserve our respect for their longevity. Instead, the company producing them decided to cancel (or eliminate) them. Of course, ultimately, this decision belongs to this private American company.

More seriously now, many of us played with “Monsieur/Madame Patate” literally around the world and in many languages. Younger toy consumers may be more attached to these characters. Older ones may be torn with mixed feelings (i.e., not caring and sarcastically laughing); like many reporters from Québec, France, and Switzerland. Bambi will spare you these news documentaries as they are all in French.

To conclude this post on a lighter note despite the obituary, Bambi would like to use this fun video to pay tribute to Monsieur/Madame Patate whilst welcoming any new “Potato” character. If she may, she would like to also dedicate this cute kids’ song to her now adult nephews and nieces. Like their aunt, they have a sense of humour, despite any sorrow :).

Long live all the potatoes of the world! They are delicious, with or without titles.

“Vive les patates du monde entier”! Elles sont toutes délicieuses”. Mmm.

2 thoughts on “May the memory of “Monsieur Patate” be eternal…!”

  1. Does anyone actually support the PC left or is it just the intellectual and political class that makes us pretend to so we don’t get “canceled?”

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