A Canadian singer, Ms. Nicole Arrage, pays tribute to Beirut

It has been seven months since the Beirut surrealistic port explosion.

NO accountability yet.

NO (new) government yet.

This week, the Lebanese Lira (or pound) fell to 10,000 to the American dollar. This means that it lost about 85% of its value. If Bambi understands the situation there well, the minimum salary is now worth US$62 per month. Can you imagine the magnitude of this economic tragedy?!

Oh, Bambi almost forgot… there is also the Covid-19 pandemic.

To conclude this post devoted to Beirut, Bambi just came across this moving song (called “Pray for Beirut subtitled in English). It is performed by a Montreal-born singer called Ms. Nicole Arrage (with pianist, Mr. Guillaume Dion). The song is by Mr. Joseph Attieh.

What a beautiful tribute to Beirut… all the way from Canada. Bravo and thank you!

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