China & the Uighur Muslims: So, Mr. Trudeau, isn’t this a current genocide?

According to Mr. Trudeau, the term “genocide” is “extremely loaded“, so serious international standards must be met before it can formally be used in describing China’s (mis)treatment of the Uighurs (as per the Gravitas video below).

Of course, he is right, it is heavily loaded and it should not be used lightly. Many of Bambi’s friends lost relatives to genocides during civil war. So, her own definitions or points of reference are like Mr. Romeo Dallaire’s tragic experience in Rwanda. To come back to Mr. Trudeau now, why does he use words like genocide or like systemic racism or white supremacy, etc. lightly? Mind you, he does it only when it is his own country… or our neighbours, but never when it is about China?

Indeed, in contrast, he seems to always walk on eggshells when it comes to China. He does not do it with his own fellow citizens, namely with regard to the tragedy of deaths and disappearances of indigenous women and girls.

Every day and every night, Canadians self-flagellate because they are so bad as a country with our ongoing “genocide” of indigenous people. Yes, there has been a cultural genocide sadly for sure :(…. but ongoing? And we are guilty, but not China? Does that make any sense? Perhaps it does if we call Mr. Trudeau the Governor-in-Chief of China in Canada?

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  1. Bambi – today you become Dr. [Bambi], no longer a shadow.

    You have the power and privileges to lead this fight for all of us now. You will and are suffering for it. I wish I could say that I am with you, and that I can stand with you. I may not agree with everything you say (indeed I do not) – but there is nonetheless an essential issue here worth standing firm upon. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering you will now endure. I wish I could hold your hand as you have to endure it because I know that it is only a matter of time before it happens to the rest of us too.

    I am a young professor on contract in the heat of the battle. I guard every word, afraid of teaching (as such).

    You are on the front lines for so many people who nobody knows supports you.

    1. Bambi is touched by your supportive words (MANY thanks). She wishes you all the best in your career! Please protect yourself whilst remaining whom you are (this is what matters the most in life, to know ourselves/values, etc.). She prays that reason and common sense will prevail in our world. She is overwhelmed by the support, on this blog, from emails to phone calls to letters, even by strangers or public figures from across the country. We do not have to agree, for sure, as you said. Plus, Bambi herself may not agree with herself on some topics with time, new input, etc. :). For her, one thing is crystal clear: freedom of expression is the least in a democracy and she will defend it until her last breath in life. Everyone is free to think what he/she wishes. Everyone has a place in a democracy, even the so-called “racists” of the world (now it is Bambi, according to the narrative on media/social media :))… even the Islamists (note that she did not say Muslims and her smart friends/relatives know the difference) of the world. By this, she means that even the radicals have the right to exist, as Bambi has always written… The big problem in a society is when radicals start mobbing others (the majority of the silent moderate and reasonable voices). How understandable and how sad to see the fear paralyzing people like that? Without wanting to, some become complicit. Some others play leading or facilitating roles in this public harassment circus. There is a wise Lebanese saying that goes like that: “Ma fi hada fouk rasso khayme”… it means no one is protected, no one is immune. What is happening to Bambi today happened to other Dear fellow citizens/colleagues elsewhere. It could/would happen to other citizens eventually. The only way to stop this collective insanity is to say one word to oneself before saying it to others: Enough (“Khallas” in Arabic). Be well and thanks again.

  2. Dear Ms [Bambi],
    I want to express my support for your struggle for free speech and free thought. It seems today’s society is hell bent on demonizing and cancelling anyone who has an original or independent thought. Please don’t let them cancel you, fight them. Fight for whats right.

  3. Agreed & some other issues to think about when talking about China in the 21st century.

    The Fall of Western Democracies
    Progressives & China & Guanxi & Their Codependency Relationships

    We need to decouple with China and ensure we have our own supply chain again e.g ventilators, etc…

    It is our upper-middle-classes the e.g. 20% PEW. Which also happens to be the base of the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party are indeed the ones with their civil service unions with their defined pension hedge fund investments that are one of the key players in funding The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

    An authoritarian dictatorship that believes in cancel culture and of identity politics, critical race theory (CRT) with a centrally planned economy of the bureaucratic classes aka “Political Correctness”.

    China’s economy is based on inflated and bogus Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers that can’t be verified by out-side neutral auditors. The CCP is also a currency manipulator with many of its companies that are traded abroad on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] set up through a process known as reverse mergers.

    Defunked US companies like an old coal mine now trading as a Chinese company that has 3 employees and a shack, a coal mine valued in the billions of dollars and no one is the wiser, “The China Bubble”.

    How can American and Canadian companies compete we can’t because we have regulations up the a-s, while China gets off scott-free. I wonder why Progressives are so quick to criticize things like a US coal mine, though Chinese businesses e.g. a coal mine gets a pass e.g. Guanxi, trading favors/favours?

    Harvard Leads U.S. Colleges That Received $1 Billion From China

    Scenarios “The US Military Complex”​ embed with ANTIFA? The Collapse of CCP Economy?

    Sincerely Demian Hammock,
    BFA, Mount Allison University; Diploma of Advanced Studies, Human Resources Management, NBCC.

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