WHO probe on the coronavirus origins: For the CBC, “WHO team” was “granted full access to sites, personnel”, but Gravitas’ Palki Sharma contradicts this information

First, here is the CBC article:


Second, below you can find the Gravitas‘ short news documentary (out of India).

According to Gravitas, China seems to have obstructed access to raw data of waste water as well as blood samples prior to December, 2019 (citing internal laws or appearing to perhaps having destroying the needed evidence?). One must add that the WHO investigators were provided with “analyzed data” only, instead of “raw data”. Furthermore, China still has the nerve to blame the USA. As Ms. Sharma concluded, “the worst part of all this is that the world is putting up with it.”

Although it is likely not China’s problem that this coronavirus started in this country (it could have happened anywhere else…), the behaviour of the Chinese authorities, at the start of the pandemic and now, is problematic to all of us worldwide.

So, please China, can you learn to be more considerate and genuinely collaborative? It would be a good fresh start on the day following this lunar (New) Year [Happy New Year, by the way!]. After all, it is the year of the Ox, if Bambi understands well. Can you please be like the Ox, that is honest and reliable, whilst being determined“? Thank you.

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