Rest in peace Ms. Zeina Kanjo…

Her name is Ms. Zeina Kanjo. Bambi has never heard of her before, although she was a famous Lebanese model well liked in real life and online. Look how beautiful and full of life she was… Yes “was“. Not even “is” and surely “not will be anymore” :(.

A picture of Ms. Kanjo taken from l‘Orient Le Jour

According to l‘Orient Le Jour, Ms. Zeina Kanjo is “the new victim of domestic violence” in her country, Lebanon, “seven years after the adoption of a bill on domestic violence”, called Bill 293, which was amended in 2020″ (

Zeina (or Ms. Kanjo) is surely and sadly not the last victim. Others will follow. Unlike the story told in the song below, she did not even have the time to spend years in an abusive spousal relationship. She got married 6 months ago only to a man who apparently was very jealous. Some Lebanese and many international media are circulating a recording between him and a woman called Ruba, who is the sister of Ms. Zeina Kanjo. This recorded phone conversation took place after the tragedy. Bambi will not get into the details as this is not the purpose of this post.

Her heart goes to Ms. Kanjo’s family… and if she may, she would like to honour Ms. Zeina with a beautiful Lebanese song (with sub-titles in English) powerfully denouncing the tragic problem of domestic violence. The song is by Ms. Karol Sakr and it is called “Khallas” (Bambi had an earlier post about this relatively still new song). Bambi is also thinking of the wonderful novel of her own sister, Ms. Roula Douglas entitled “Chez nous c’était le silence“, even if that story had a happier end.

Khallas” means “enough“. Another Arabic word for it would be “Kafa” (the latter is the name of an excellent NGO that helps victims of domestic violence in Lebanon). Who knows? Perhaps Ms. Zeina Kanjo’s last word was actually “KHALAS” when her tender spouse put his hand on her mouth to make her lower her voice because it was early in the morning (as per his own words in the recording).

To conclude this post on a note of hope of change of mindsets and practices in men-women relationships in some places around the world (with real patriarchy issues!), see how this good man (from another country than Lebanon) is talking about this tragedy. Thanks to him and to the majority of men who are good guys and who refuse to see their fellow men mistreating (or even killing!) their spouses, sisters, mothers, etc. (sometimes hiding behind what they call honour). Some of these men go out of their way to protect women from harm. In addition to bills, we need more and more of these men… and women (who, as mothers, are the first educators of both men and women).

Rest in peace Ms. Kanjo. May your memory be eternal.

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