Sadly, the Biden-Harris “existential” executive orders on climate and environment reawakened the ghost of the Lac Mégantic rail tragedy

Who needs another Lac Mégantic rail disaster in Canada?

Bambi will never ever forget this disaster that took place on July 6, 2013, neither her parents who heard about the tragedy from as far as Beirut before starting their trip all the way back to Canada (to Sackville, NB).

If you have forgotten, 42 citizens got killed and five remained missing. The whole downtown area was destroyed. If Bambi is not mistaken, this may have been the fourth deadliest rail accident in Canadian history (see the short video below, as a reminder).

Now, in an article published in the National Post (by Mr. Jessy Snyder), we can read following: ‘It’s a big threat’: U.S. aims to shut down another cross-border pipeline — Line 5 to Ontario. Line 5 is yet another point of contention between the U.S. and Canada on the energy file after President Joe Biden revoked a permit for Keystone XL”

Will our politicians know how to stand up for Canada’s safety and economy?

What will they do now with the second dramatic outcome of the Biden-Harris administration’s so-called “existential” executive orders on climate and environment?

Will Mr. Trudeau tell us again that we need “to look past Keystone XL pipeline to areas of mutual Canada-US alignment“?

Bambi hopes that he is not talking about the alignment of blind globalism, of any political shenanigans with interest groups over the interests of one’s own country, and of… wokeism.

Sarcasm aside, Bambi still wants to remain positive. Politely, she will thank you Mr. Trudeau et al. for any sincere effort to truly stand up for Canadians!

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