Canadians will swallow the carbon tax, just because Mr. Trudeau tells them it is to fight climate change

Canadians can swallow anything when it has “climate change” attached to it, even an increase in the carbon tax, as per the post below.

This is why Bambi will honour Mr. Trudeau with the above assembled picture, using the green colour (for his fake “Green” colour).

Bambi will allow herself to use the words of Mr. Maxime’s Bernier’s PPC platform from last year and which was one of the reasons she has chosen to vote for his new party during the last elections: “… But a carbon tax won’t do anything to protect our environment. All it will do is increase costs on business and kill jobs. Increasing the price of fuel and the price of electricity will put the price of everything up. Businesses will be forced to choose between keeping employees on payroll or paying the hydro bill.”

Here is an interesting article in the Toronto Sun entitled “OPINION: Trudeau’s gift of higher heating bills and gas prices“:

To conclude this post, how odd the timing of this increased so-called carbon-tax in the middle of a pandemic where airlines are running at very low capacity, where some airports in the world are completely closed (e.g., Kuweit, Saudi Arabia, etc.), where other airports are almost empty, and where airline companies are going bankrupt around the globe:

From a strictly climate-related perspective, the current pandemic sad times may be a perhaps good pause from pollution when it comes to the quality of our air worldwide… but what is the point of all this advantage if it comes at the expenses of our (and the world’s) economy as well as everyone’s physical, mental, and financial health? You may not agree with Bambi on this topic, but in all honesty: Do you like paying more taxes… and do you appreciate political hypocrisy? She does not know about you, but Bambi prefers authenticity in life… and if she has the choice, she prefers to pay less taxes, if at all possible, even if they are sugar-coated with the word “carbon” or “climate“. In the end, they are still taxes, regardless of their beautiful name.


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