Isn’t it racist to open academic positions for just people of one single colour?

The university shown in the link below is a Canadian one, a country that prides itself on being multicultural. Yet, it is increasingly, advertising academic positions meant for people of a certain colour only. Does that make any sense. Isn’t this the ultimate example of racism? It is in Bambi’s own mind, even if she is a so-called “BIPOC” deer (yes, again, this funny acronym she is supposed to fit in as a deer that is “black, indigenous, and people of colour”).

This ad is calling for scholars who are or identify as black only.

It is not calling for experts in “black studies” (whatever that means, history, literature, or culture, etc.).

It is literally stating the following:

“This is a targeted search for Black scholars and is open to candidates who identify as Black from around the world. MSVU encourages applications from all qualified candidates, including women, persons of any sexual orientations and gender identities and/or expressions, persons with disabilities, and other equity-deserving groups”:

Bambi wonders if her own colour hue, as a deer, is part of other equity-deserving groups” … or would suffice to identify as one of it?

With all due you respect, Bambi is asking this question, but she would be insulted and turned off by this ad. She would never ever accept to be hired under it. In her mind, merit and only merit should be the criterion.

To explain this to Lebanese readers or those who know this context well, she will say that it is the equivalent of the stupid quotas of Lebanon that made Bambi escape Beirut: This position open for a Christian Catholic only. That one for a Shia Muslim only. The other for a Sunni Muslim or for Druze, etc.

It is disgusting, to say the least.

If this is social justice, as this university claims it to be, sorry, Bambi does not want it.

Please, wake up Canada!!

One thought on “Isn’t it racist to open academic positions for just people of one single colour?”

  1. Of course it’s racist.

    Just like the “numerus clausus” that many places had limiting the number of Jews – into the 1950s – were.

    Does it imply that other jobs are “white” jobs, or “non-black” jobs?

    But it’s even more fascinating than that, because it tells us what the leftists who are behind such things REALLY think underneath all their platitudes. It tells us that they’re shockingly racist, perhaps even more so than South Africa’s apartheid regime. Certainly more than Ian Smith’s Rhodesia[*]. Why do I say this? Because they’re making it clear that they fundamentally believe that blacks can’t compete at the same level as everyone else, and have to be treated differently. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is. If they really think that, they should join up with Philip Rushton, who at least has the decency to say what he really thinks.

    [*] The Rhodesians, at least in the earlier stages of their operation, didn’t formally separate things based on colour, but based on educational qualification, which most blacks didn’t at the time have – but the possibility (theoretically) existed for them to meet it. Which, really, seems less racist than what we’re seeing at MSVU and elsewhere in Canada.

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