Is this normal in democracy? Is this the USA or… Lebanon?

Whether Americans voted for Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden, do they find this normal?

What is happening in America (and our world by extension)?

There seems to be a complete take over by big tech companies and by the media (see below).

Very odd. Very serious. Very sad.

It is not only anti-democratic, it is insane at this point.

Is this about presidential elections or is this a war of power?

If Mr. Trump truly won, it is unfair to his party and him and to many of us around the world (Lebanon’s fate is hanging on!).

If Mr. Biden truly won and no cheating happened, why don’t they prove it with audits instead of suppression?

Bambi is saying so and she is not a Trump supporter. She is a democracy supporter!

This story below (see the screenshot) is making Bambi think of her sisters who voted or a female candidate who won the elections in Beirut. This politician went to bed thinking she has won. When she woke up, the results were different. The candidate who won was from Hezbollah.

Are those too powerful big techs using their power to manipulate politics? One may wonder.

Again, Bambi is asking this question and she is not an American voter.

She is just a non-expert deer observing strange human behaviour.

4 thoughts on “Is this normal in democracy? Is this the USA or… Lebanon?”

  1. All cases that have gone to court have been dismissed for lack of evidence.
    Recounts have been done in many disputed states and results confirm that Biden won.
    YouTube is trying to diffuse some of the lies that are circulating re the elections. These lies are a direct threat to democracy. No fraud has been found anywhere.

    1. Thanks for reassuring Bambi Marina! All good then and good to know that Mr. Biden is the winner, but the point is why are YouTube and Twitter deciding what people should be saying?

      1. The way I look at it, if the Democrats were totally blameless, they would be *encouraging* recounts, in order to convince everyone of their legitimacy in January.

        Instead, they’re having their friends in Big Tech suppress dissenting voices.

        *That* is what I find most suspicious.

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