Why aren’t those 20 University of Ottawa students focusing on writing their final exams instead of attempting a take over of their school? And why is the so-called “Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa’s BIPOC Caucus” focusing on marking instead!?

Why is the CBC giving 20 students all this media attention in their weird section called “Being black in Canada”?


As if there is one type of black person in Canada (one size fits all)! What about the other black students at the university that are trying to improve their future by studying for their exams?

Is Canada and its universities an additional American state hit with both the funding and force of such a woke movement?

What is this nonsense?

Are the students “occupying” (to use the own word of the Equity Commissioner for the University of Ottawa Students’ Union in the recorded interview) their President’s office because Mr. Frémont is a weak administrator or because their PM encouraged them when he ridiculously and hypocritically took the knee in the streets of Ottawa, while protected by RCMP officers as bodyguards?

Canada is diving into nonsense at an increasing speed.

When will this insanity stop?

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