Dr. Gad Saad: “Collective white guilt and the kneeling ritual of forgiveness”

Bambi is happy to watch this short video below. Here is why? Yesterday, she watched images of soccer players in the UK kneeling before a game and had similar thoughts as Dr. Saad.

Like him, she loves soccer (it is the least when you come from Lebanon :)). Seriously, she thanks him for sharing his thoughts and own story.

His (Jewish) family escaped Lebanon during civil war (their house was taken over, they were kidnapped, etc.). Listen how he tells us that some Muslims and some Palestinians may have put them at risk true, but others (many others!) helped them to escape, including Palestinian militia.

Thank goodness, Dr. Saad does not think in black and white, like these young athletes and their coaches. Listen to his piece of advice at the end of the video. It is worth thinking about.

To come back to Bambi herself, she was sad to watch those images, telling herself that “wokeness” has truly gone to high levels of religiosity [often out of a deep desire to be better persons in life (bravo for that!) AND a trend of social/global conformity, along with some virtue signalling].

Can’t we denounce racism and be respectful to our brothers and sisters in humanity without all these rituals? Why should we fall into the trap of dogmatic levels of religiosity (guilt feeling may be common in the latter, mind you)?

What happened to sportsmanship?

What happened to kindness in life?

What happened to respect…. of oneself and of others?

Aren’t these universal qualities enough by themselves?

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