Who is funding Greenpeace to endorse silly ideologies instead of focusing on ecology?

Thanks to a tweet by Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté, Bambi learned that Greenpeace Québec is now promoting ideologies of racialism, along with a funny yet toxic concept called “white fragility”:


It has even developed a test for it ?!

Why are we allowing our societies to become “infested” with racial (+ racist) ideologies?

Bambi is disturbed by such ideologies because she knows well how destructive to societies they can be (she escaped her birth country precisely to avoid such ideologies).

Well, in addition to Greenpeace, imagine that a very serious scientific journal like Science is now into similar ideologies. Why doesn’t it focus ONLY on science and the scientific method?!


One may wonder how such serious institutions become hijacked from within by ideologies. Bambi’s hypothesis is that all what it takes, as a very first step, is funding (here is just one example of someone who may be working for his own pocket whilst perhaps also serving the interests of other larger and likely foreign entities: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/13/us/politics/george-soros-racial-justice-organizations.html).

Although Bambi may be wrong, money can tempt and potentially corrupt any institution even respectable ones (perhaps more so in tough financial times), especially when leaders are not lucid, and perhaps courageous, enough.

In the longer term, funds are no longer needed. Social contagion is enough.

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