France, champion of the Paris Accord, derives 75% of its electricity from its nuclear energy. Why are our most radical environmentalists opposed to nuclear energy?

First, as you can see, France derives about 75% of its electricity from its nuclear energy:

Second, NB Media Coop keeps publishing articles about”  “the hypocrisy of the Liberal nuclear policy”,  how we should “cease funding and support of the Small Modular Nuclear Reactors program”, and about the bad choices of “NB and the federal government” in “funding prototype nuclear reactors”?

Bambi is far from being an expert of nuclear energy. Yet she has enough lucidity to distinguish between the potentially good and evil use of this energy.

Examples of good use are electricity production, medical use, water desalination, agriculture purposes, and perhaps even space scientific explorations, etc. Of course, an evil use would be nuclear weapons/wars.

None of the articles published in NB Media Coop explains to us why such energy would be bad for Canada, for our province, or at least present a list of the pros and cons.

What about job creation that would benefit all communities, including Indigenous ones?

What about possibly lower costs of energy?

What about self-reliance on a more efficient energy sector?

Of course, we need to have the most optimal conditions to ensure public health safety.

Bambi knows what she is talking about when it comes to safety. She was a teenager when the Ukraine’s Chernobyl’s tragic accident happened (she recalls the “cloud” that reached the part of the world where she grew up).

She also recalls barrels of nuclear waste that arrived to Beirut, from Italy through the port of Beirut in the middle of a destructive civil war (1975-1990), five of which were located or stored not far from where she used to live. Perhaps someone received money or weapons in exchange of such dangerous materials (( Perhaps those, and/or other, unethical persons told themselves that tiny Lebanon was already burning anyways? How can we minimize awful gesture with such money-oriented logic (assuming they had any consciousness)? What about the population’s heath?

Who knows? Perhaps related to the latter saga or not, Bambi happens to have a personal interest in one’s protection from extra radioactivity. Those who know her closely know why she is saying so.

Yet, despite all this, she is pro-nuclear Canadian energy. How could she not be so when she is pro-economic development and scientific advancement.

She just wishes our anti-nuclear activists can explain to her the whys of their position, not just repeating clichés. Perhaps they can help her see their perspective(s) in a clearer way?

Sadly, without clarity, she is left to wonder whether they may be anti-economic progress (and anti-civilizational growth?), instead of being true environmentalists. Could it be?

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