Canada-France: Bambi is (still) disappointed and ashamed of Mr. Trudeau…

Whether he fully realizes it or not, his words on the “limits of freedom of expression” have…

Aligned us with radicalism over freedom of expression.

Seemed to align us with Turkey’s Neo Sultan, Mr. Erdogan, over France’s President, Mr. Macron.

Aligned us with Islamists over Muslims (the moderate silent majority!) in the Arab world and South Asia.

Put French resources and interests in the world at risk.

Put Mr. Macron’s safety in Lebanon a risk.

Put Lebanon at risk, undermining France’s efforts to support the Lebanese people.

Aligned us with stupidity and terror over freedom of expression.

Seemed to further align us with this collective craziness of our times, called political correctness, that the tyrants of our world know how to instrumentalize.

Lately, Mr. Macron thanked Mr. Legault for his position. He did not thank our Canadian PM. Can you imagine? This tells us something about Mr. Trudeau’s misjudgment.

Bambi hopes that it is not too late to correct his position in his phone chat with Mr. Macron… and hopefully be sincere about it.

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