Luckily, there is Québec in our Canada and world to defend freedom of speech, like France and contrary to Mr. Trudeau!

Below, you can read that Mr. Legault said the following today:

We cannot accuse people who have made cartoons of justifying violence in this way. I really totally disagree with Mr. Trudeau, we have to protect freedom of expression”.

Here is a quick reaction by journalist and sociologist, Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté:

Mr. Blanchet is preparing a press conference, but already the English CBC is writing against him, letting us think that he is digging a valley “between Quebéc and Canada’s values“, so to speak:

This so-called “wedge” (to use the CBC own word) it is Mr. Trudeau (sadly supported by Mr. Singh) who is responsible for it. Instead of defending freedom of expression, he seems to be telling us that his cherished “diversity” will limit our freedom of expression. Shame on you Mr. Trudeau. Bambi is saying this and she is part of this so-called diversity in Canada. She is of Lebanese origins. Thus, Arab too. She is the closest you can get to a Muslim (she even has Muslim relatives). Yet, she thinks you are totally wrong. Please re-consider and re-choose our values, Mr. Trudeau!

To conclude this post, thank Goodness there is still common sense (and courage) in our so-called free, democratic world.

Merci Québec!

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