Reuters’s article on the first anniversary of the “fading” Lebanese protests and “life that got worse” &… Ms. Talia Lahoud singing her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in English, French, and Arabic

Tomorrow is October 17, 2020… Yes, a year has passed since Lebanon’s protests began. So many tragic events happened to this country (and to the world with the pandemic).

First, here is Reuters‘ article entitled “A year on, Lebanon’s protests have faded and life has got worse“.

Second, here is Ms. Talia Lahoud that Bambi discovered a year ago. She always sings in her building. Here she is singing on August 15, 2020. Bambi has wondered if her building was near her parents in Beirut. Perhaps not in the end. Thankfully, assuming this is her building, it is still standing apparently undamaged.

Anyhow, Lebanon’s talented youth will keep speaking up or singing.

They will keep dreaming of better days for their country and a better world for all.

Bambi feels like adding the following: One day, their Lebanon will stand on its feet again. Yes, it will! It will be a truly independent country, open to the world, and filled with life, peace, accountability, democracy, prosperity, health, and love. No more corruption, no more lies, no more political sectarianism, clientelism, and… a mafia-club from the civil war era governing it (with/without a government) . No more unprotected ammonium nitrate, illegal yet imposed and glorified weapons, or just silly fireworks… and of course no more “untalented” welders.

OK, Bambi will shut up! Time to listen to Ms. Lahoud now…

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